A complaint to Mankato Police that three men where dealing cocaine on the patio at a restaurant on East Walnut Street led the arrest of a Mankato man on Thursday.

Authorities report the complainant observed a small plastic baggie containing a white powdery substance underneath a coaster on the table. An officer drove into the nearby parking ramp and found the three males. Police say 29-year old Anthony Alan Weingartz allegedly admitted that he was in possession of cocaine.

According to the report, a search of Weingartz turned up four plastic baggies containing approximately 9.04-grams of cocaine along with 748-dollars in cash, a folded 20-dollar bill that contained approximately .5-grams of cocaine and drug paraphernalia. Officers noted that the currency was made up of various bills, which they say is consistent with the sale of illegal narcotics.

Weingartz reportedly denied selling cocaine. He is charged with Felony counts of 3rd Degree Sale of Narcotics, 4th Degree Possession of Drugs and 5th Degree Possession of Drugs.

One of the other three men was also placed under arrest after several contraband items were found in a vehicle, but the man is unnamed in the report.