This is the opinion of one person who’s probably 17.  So we’re not putting too much stock in it, but who knows . . . Someone who recently quit their job at a popular fast food restaurant got on Reddit to reveal various “secrets” most people don’t know.

And the one we noticed was that there’s a specific day of the week when they claim the food tastes worse.

They say that on SUNDAYS, the quality of the food tends to suffer, because they never have senior management there.  So people slack off and don’t care as much.

We’ve seen other people claim that TODAY is the worst day for fast food.  They say Mondays are when employees are most likely to be burned out from the weekend . . . just like the rest of us.

And a lot of restaurants get new shipments on Tuesdays.  So on Mondays, some of the ingredients might not be as fresh.