A Janesville woman is accused of making up an assault claim, and charges against the man police say she falsely accused have been dropped.

Investigators say 27-year-old Irey Dobbins accused 31-year-old Derriel Wade of sending her a threatening text shortly after he was released from prison in January, which included pictures of guns and an ankle monitor that had been cut off. She claimed that and later arrived at her home and strangled and hit her, and she provided photos injuries she claimed Wade caused.

Wade was charged with assault, stalking, and other crimes.

However, investigators found several inconsistencies with Dobbins story, including the fact that the texts began while Wade was still in prison. They also discovered that the gun images Wade was accused of sending had been downloaded from the internet on her phone. Detectives also determined that Wade was never ordered to wear an ankle monitor.

The criminal complaint also shows that a time stamp on the pictures of her supposed injuries showed it was taken prior to the date Dobbins claimed the assault occurred.

Dobbins is now charged in Waseca County with felony stalking and misdemeanor falsely reporting a crime.