House leaders finished a review of sexual harassment allegations against Rep. Tony Cornish last week and lawmakers acknowledge there is still work to do.

House Representative Clark Johnson (D-North Mankato) says the goal is to create a safe environment for people who work in the legislature and for citizens who come to the capitol.

Rep. Clark Johnson

“It’s critical that the legislature be a welcoming place, where everybody feels safe and is not subject to any kind of harassment. That’s gotta be a goal for not only the workplace, but for the legislature to function. You know, what’s happened has happened. I think Representative Cornish made the right decision to step down.”

Much of the review of Cornish is being kept under wraps, as House leaders worry its publication would discourage future harassment reports. Cornish resigned in November after at least two women lodged sexual misconduct complaints.

“We’ve gotta make sure that we’ve got the processes that support a safe environment at the legislature. There’s a subcommittee working on that currently in the House, it’s bipartisan work. They’ll present to the legislature at some point their idea, at least to the house. Their idea of how to make sure the House is that environment I’m talking about.”

A new House subcommittee review warned that separate policies in the House and Senate can create “silos” during investigations.