A local lawmaker is bringing forward an amendment on Thursday to provide over 1.8-million dollars in funding to raise the levee near Highway 169 in Mankato.

The total project will cost an estimated 2.8-million dollars and the City of Mankato has already committed 1.6-million dollars to repair the flood control system.

House Representative Clark Johnson (D-North Mankato) says it’s a situation that absolutely has to be dealt with.

Rep. Clark Johnson

“Really this is a state highway that has to be moved, not a local road, but a state highway. But, the city of Mankato said well we’ll pick up half of that in this amendment that I’ll be presenting. I think it’s very fair to ask the state to pick up the other half. Hopefully that will get a good reception in committee and can be added to the Transportation Bill.”

Officials are pushing to complete the project this summer before FEMA publishes new flood plain maps in 2019. The fix would avoid a concern that homeowners and businesses in the area would need to purchase flood insurance.

MnDOT say work on raising the levee will begin in July or August, with completion sometime in November.