A bill in the House is proposing an amendment to the Minnesota Constitution that would provide for gender equality under state law.

Representative Clark Johnson (D-North Mankato) has signed on the “Equal Rights Amendment.”

Rep. Clark Johnson

“This has been a battle forever it seems, to establish equal pay for equal work and assure there is gender equality and we seem to stumble. This is a way to enact it right into the constitution. That’s the sort of thing a constitutional amendment would be appropriate for in my mind to assure gender equality. I think there’s strong support for that concept and this is a way to implement it.”

Johnson adds the law would give Constitutional basis for disputes.

“We’ll see how far this goes. I don’t anticipate this moving in this session. But, in some ways this is maybe a statement, but none the less, it’s a statement that needs to continually be made. I’m always appalled when we see the figures for how women are payed less for the same work.”

If the bill were approved, the amendment would be put before Minnesotan’s on this November’s General Election ballot.