The Minnesota House will vote Thursday to decide on a proposal to amend the state constitution to dedicate sales tax revenues from motor vehicle repair and replacement parts to build roads and bridges.

Representative Clark Johnson (D-North Mankato) says he’s against the measure.

Rep. Clark Johnson

“The reason I’m against it is it just puts a lot of pressure on the General Fund. We’ve seen in years past, when (Tim) Pawlenty was Governor, it was deficit after deficit. It really put a huge burden on schools and local communities and we don’t need to add to that burden.”

Tax money currently generated through auto repairs and sales of auto parts go into the state’s General Fund, with the main portion of the state’s transportation budget coming from the gas tax and funding from the federal government.

“I’ve been a really strong proponent of increased funding for roads and transportation and if I were to stick around, I’d just keep fighting for that. But to divert money from really critical services, from disability services to education and healthcare, is just a mistake.”