Students and teachers from the Mankato School District are at the NASA Johnson Space Center to test out their satellite launching experimental device that they designed.

Know as the ‘Kato Launch Squad’, students Morgan Brooks, Ben Koser, Matt Preis and Sam Preis, and teachers Emily Dauk and Eric Koser were selected for the event at the Space Vehicle Mock-up Facility in Houston, Texas.

Superintendent Sheri Allen says it was a competitive process for the group to participate in the challenge.

“They were chosen based on their design and they have their device and it’s competitive from the United States and Puerto Rico. They’re there and they’re representing their passion with advisers who really have pulled the teams together.”

The Kato Launch Squad is one of ten teams competing in the Microgravity University for Educators Precision Air Bearing Floor Challenge.

Participants focus on solutions to technical problems identified by NASA scientists and engineers who use simulated microgravity environments in their work.