On Wednesday night at around 10pm, Lady Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fischer was out walking her three dogs in Hollywood. According to The Daily Mail, a gunman approached Fischer, shot him four times in the chest, and then stole two of the dogs. Gaga was not on the scene as she is currently filming a movie in Rome.

Gaga’s dogs Koji and Gustav were stolen, while her third dog Miss Asia ran way. Miss Asia was later found by Gaga’s bodyguard.

Fischer was reported to be “conscious but not breathing” when the police arrived to the crime scene. He was then taken to the hospital and as of now, his condition is unknown.

According to TMZ, Gaga is offering a $500,000 reward to whoever safely returns her dogs, with “no questions asked.” Anyone was has any information can email [email protected]

Unfortunately, the gunman has not been identified or caught. It’s also unknown if Gaga was targeted or if it was just a coincidence and the gunman just wanted a French Bulldog, which are in high demand.