A fight at a Vernon Center bar has led to seven charges against a man who is known to authorities.

According to the report, 36-year old Michael Johnson of Lake Crystal left the bar on Saturday night and drove home where Officers located the man. Authorities say Johnson denied drinking or being involved in a fight, but reportedly refused to perform a field sobriety test. Officers then took Johnson into custody. 

Officers report the victim of the fight at the bar had several lacerations and lost consciousness. The victim allegedly stated that he was punched after asking Johnson for a cigarette.

Among the seven charges, Johnson faces a Felony count of 3rd Degree Assault, two Felony counts of 5th Degree Assault and Felony DWI.

Court documents show that Johnson has a pending Felony level domestic assault charges in Blue Earth County. Authorities also note that Johnson has prior convictions of Felony DWI and at least three prior DWI’s.