An 18-year-old man from Lakeville is charged with two counts of drunk driving, obstructing the legal process, and possession of a fake ID, after police say he jumped the roundabout at State Highway 22 and Adams Street in Mankato last Friday.

The Mankato Department of Public Safety says Salvador Morales’ car was still in the roundabout with the engine running, had two blown tires and a deployed airbag, and had fluid leaking from the engine compartment.

Morales was staggering near the roundabout when an officer arrived. He was found to have a fake Illinois ID, failed field sobriety tests, and registered .25 breath-alcohol content when tested at the jail.

The criminal complaint shows that Morales eventually admitted he had been at a friend’s apartment prior to the accident and they had been involved in “some shenanigans” and was “trying to have a good time.”

Morales was taken to New Ulm Detox, given what police say was his high level of intoxication.