A portion of Highway 169 has impacted by a sinkhole that formed near a catch basin.

MnDOT District 7 Maintenance Engineer Jed Fallgren said, “It’s on northbound 169, just under the Belgrade Avenue bridge.”

“We’ve been able to stabilize the catch basin that failed (Thursday) night. We’ve got a concrete plug poured in there so we don’t anticipate any future issues with the sinkhole,” he explained, “We will have to wait until the river levels get down considerably lower before we want to excavate in that area.”

Originally the outer lane of traffic on the northbound side was closed but now Fallgren said, “We are moving from the lane closure to simply a shoulder closure that we will keep in place for a period of time as we continue to monitor the situation.”

Sinkholes, he added, aren’t all that unexpected given all of the high water in the region and said, “We’re starting to see a little more damage occurring around the end of culverts and this erosion that was occurring while the water was in place. These sinkholes can appear in other locations so certainly be on the lookout for things like that.”

MnDOT is asking drivers in that area, near the Veterans Memorial Bridge, to slow down, drive with caution, and watch for workers.