Thursday evening’s storms left a lot of damage behind in the Waterville and Elysian areas.

Le Sueur County Emergency Management Director Ann Traxler.

Le Sueur County Emergency Management Director Ann Traxler said Waterville was hit hard and the, “Majority of the town had trees down in Waterville. Our fire and rescue crews from throughout Le Sueur County are checking campgrounds.. We have a lot of campgrounds and Camp Dells seems to have received a lot of damage.”

She said many people in that area are essentially cut off because, “Both Waterville and Elysian have no power and because most people have electronic phones nowadays most people don’t have phone service as well.”

Traxler said a full survey of the damage won’t be possible until after the sun comes up. “It’s mostly trees and power lines,” she explained, “And we won’t know a lot of the significance until morning.”

They are asking people to avoid the area for now because Traxler said, “Our first responders are trying to get everything don’t and the people that are trying to see what happened are causing kind of a backup.”

Traxler is warning drivers to avoid the downed lines and said, “If they see a power line down call 911 but please do not touch it or drive over it.”

For those displaced by the storm, Traxler said there is a shelter available in Montgomery at the Civic Center.