After early work on the Adams Street extension project came in under budget, Mankato Officials say extra money on the table will allow them to address roundabout issues at the intersection with County Road 12.

However, City Manager Pat Hentges says they won’t be able to utilize the Federal and State funding that was leftover.

Mankato City Manager, Pat Hentges.

“But we can and we have some money left on the table. We will be coming back with the Council and the County to talk about that roundabout and we should be able to move forward on that. I think that also sets up the possibility of doing that Madison Avenue and Haefner Drive roundabout if that comes to fruition with the County.”

The other item on the table is the timing of the roundabout at the intersection of Adams Street and Haefner Drive, near Dairy Queen and McDonald’s.

“It was going to be constructed in 2018, but should we construct it right away or should we wait until August. Should we wait until kind of at the end of the season. The good news is, obviously with those businesses, it takes about thirty days and is a big disruption, they need to kind of plan store improvements. So, we’re working very closely to get those two things put in play sometime during the 2018 season and wrap that project up.”

The original price tag for the Adams Street extension was 5.9-million dollars, but that number was reduced to around 5.1-million dollars in October.