After 21 years with the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT), Saint Peter City Administrator Todd Prafke is leaving his work the organization.

“Twenty-one years is a long time right,” said Prafke. “So sometimes there’s an opportunity for others to take the reigns a little bit and to do other things. So this is one of those times where you get to look and say what other things can I do now.”

The LMCIT is a self-insured membership cooperative that helps with loss control and insurance rates for cities throughout the state to protect community assets.

Prafke says the Council has been supportive of being participating members in the organization, which has benefited the community for events like the 1998 Tornado that hit Saint Peter.

“We are still the largest loss in LMCIT history. So this is, of course the tornado was 20 years ago, the loss at that time was over 23-million dollars. How lucky are we to have an insurance company that would back us up and covered us all and our deductible for that was one one-thousand dollars, and that was it.”

LMCIT Members honored Prafke on Monday night for his commitment to the organization and gave a presentation to the City Council. Chair of the Trust Board D. Love of Centerville pointed out that Prafke is caring, a dedicated leader and an inspiration.

“Todd was a great, great leader for us. Todd was always involved, always caring about the rest of us as board members. He was always looking out for us, making sure that we were valued. I always noticed when he was leading a meeting, he’d look around the room and he’d catch your eye if he thought you wanted to say something, but you were feeling a little shy about it, he’d reach out to you and pull ya back in. I just thought that was great as a leader.”

LMCIT was formed by Minnesota cities in 1980.

LMCIT Members honor Todd Prafke during the Saint Peter City Council meeting on Monday night.