Local law enforcement officials say that a traffic stop last Thursday led to a drug bust that took tens of thousands of dollars worth of narcotics off the street. Mankato Department of Public Safety Commander Dan Schisel said the driver was pulled over after an officer ran his tag number and discovered that he was driving on a restricted license and was behind the wheel during hours he wasn’t supposed to be.

Among the narcotics seized were pre-packaged one-gram doses of marijuana wax (top), MDMA pills (lower left), and LSD tabs (lower right).

Schisel said the man consented to search of the car and police found a duffle bag and two boxes filled with drugs. That included raw marijuana and about $4,000 in cash, which isn’t uncommon in Mankato, but other drugs found are less common here. “There (were) 170 individual packages, I believe the number was, of these pre-packaged one gram marijuana wax,” he explained.

About $4,000 in cash was also seized in the Thursday traffic stop.

There were also 14 larger sheets of marijuana wax, with a street value of $27,000. Also found were butane honey oil e-cigarette cartridges – also a form of marijuana wax — several MDMA, or Ecstacy, pills, LSD tabs, and a powder that may be cocaine. Shisel said all of the items will be sent to the BCA for testing.

Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott said it was a pretty significant bust. “Certainly over the years there have been ones that have been significantly more in amount and whatnot,” he said, “But any time you’re talking about taking $40,000 off the street that’s not a small bust that’s a decent sized stop.”

Mankato Department of Public Safety Commander Dan Schisel and Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott said the seizure took about $40,000 in drugs off the street.

Drug task force agents say the drugs were brought into Minnesota from Colorado, which is a significant pipeline for bringing narcotics into the area – especially since some of the product seized is legal there because, “You can make a lot more money selling the stuff in Minnesota than you can in Colorado, that’s why it’s here.”

The driver’s 2004 BMW was also seized.