A proposed transmission line project between Winnebago and Mankato is now the subject of a federal lawsuit.

Xcel Energy is working to connect its Wilmarth substation to the ITC Huntley Substation, an approximately 50-mile stretch of 345-kilovolt line. Officials are still in the regulation process, but plan for the line to be in-service by 2021.

LSP Transmission Holdings attempted to bid on the project, but the project wasn’t eligible for competitive biding under Minnesota’s right-to-first-refusal law. The U.S. Justice Department has weighed in on the law and says it’s anticompetitive and violates the U.S. Constitution. 

According to the Star Tribune, LSP Transmission Holdings is suing after the company says a 2012 Minnesota law limits its ability to bid on the project. The company claims the law gives favor to Minnesota electricity providers and violates the dormant commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution.

The Minnesota Attorney General’s Office along with Xcel Energy and ITC Midwest have all asked the U.S. District Court in Minneapolis to dismiss the lawsuit.