The Minnesota State University ice fishing contest formerly known as the “Big Bobber” is now the “Humminbird® Mad Bobber® Ice Contest presented by Otter®” in Madison Lake.

The contest will be hosted by the Madison Lake Area Chamber of Commerce. Vice President Al Dorn said there are changes to the contest, which were made because the sport has undergone much change in recent years. “The electronics, the cameras, the portable shelters, the wheelhouses. We wanted to have a contest that allowed people to use the current technology that’s available.”

And he said participants will have access to the running tally through their smart phones, “So you’ll be able to go to  and watch the leader board get updated every 15 minutes.”

Dorn said the chamber will be giving away 50 prizes during the contest and, “Twenty-five of them are going to be fish related. We have five categories of fish – walleye, bass, northern, panfish – and then we have a fifth category that we’re calling the mad category, and it’s any fish indigenous to the lake.”

Registration is open. The contest is February 10 from noon to 3:00 p.m.