A Minneapolis man is facing preliminary charges of robbery, making threats of violence, disrupting a 9-1-1 call, and two counts of domestic assault after an altercation with a Mankato woman with whom he had a year-long relationship.

Mankato Police say 22-year-old Romontez Edwards met the victim at the door of her home and demanded she put down her belongings and speak with him. She told investigators that Edwards was upset that she was marrying someone else and also angry because she may have given him a sexually transmitted disease.

The criminal complaint shows the woman said Edwards threatened to “mess up” her face, said he intended to beat her up, and slapped her across the face.

Police say Edwards took the woman’s cell phone, key, and the rest of her belongings and got into his car, ripping her shirt when she tried to get her possessions, and drove away.

Edwards told police that he did confront her concerning the STD, and threatened to assault the woman, but denied hitting her.