A Mankato man is facing two counts of assault, one of disruptive intoxication, and a disorderly conduct charge after police say he assaulted two people outside of a downtown bar on Saturday.

The Mankato Department of Public Safety says 34-year-old Adam Schow got angry at the bar’s bouncer when he was asked to show his I.D. to get in. He argued that he’d been there earlier in the evening and shouldn’t have to provide identification a second time, eventually screaming at the bouncer.

The woman says she tried to help calm Schow down and reached her arms toward him, and he hit her arms and started screaming obscenities at her. After he was escorted out a man approached Schow on the sidewalk and the criminal complaint shows that Schow grabbed the unknown man by the throat.

Investigators say Schow admitted to arguing with the bouncer before the woman stepped in and told him to calm down but denied assaulting anyone.

He blew a .125 on a preliminary breath test.