A Mankato woman told police she was surprised by a knock on her door on New Year’s Eve, and a stranger on the other side who told her that her 17-year-old daughter was in danger.

The 20-something African American man told the woman that her daughter was headed for Chicago with a man who had stolen items from a gang, including cash and guns.

Investigators learned that the same man stopped by the pizza restaurant the teen and her father work at, looking for the girl.

The teen’s mother thought that her daughter was spending New Year’s Eve with a friend in Owatonna, but in a phone call the girl admitted she traveled to Chicago and had offered a friend of a friend a ride to Illinois.

After arriving in Chicago, Kallil Billups was arrested on drug and weapons charges. The criminal complaint shows that 23-year-old Quantral Davis began calling the victim, threatening the lives of her and her family – believing she was in possession of items stolen from him.

In an interview, police say Davis admitted that Khalil had stolen 16 ounces of cocaine, 3 pounds of marijuana, $20,000 in cash, two ballistic vests, 2 guns, and 3 fully-loaded magazines.

He denied threatening the teenager, but Davis did say he was trying to get the stolen property back and learned growing up to, “Do whatever it takes to make things right.”

Davis is facing two counts of stalking and two charges of making threats of violence.