It took a Brown County Jury just eight minutes of deliberation to convict a man accused of sex trafficking a minor.

Assistant county attorney Dan Kalk prosecuted the case against 70-year-old Lawrence Depyper of Lynd and said it’s, “Encouraging to know that these sex stings conducted by law enforcement are helping to keep this community safe from those that would otherwise prey on children.

Depyper and seven others were arrested during a two-day sting last August that took place in Springfield. It was led by New Um Police Senior Investigator Jeff Hohensee, who said, “This operation and its overwhelming success shows us how prevalent sex trafficking and underage prostitution is in our smaller rural communities.”

Hohensee said investigators posted advertisements online offering sex for money and when the suspects corresponded with undercover investigators they were told that the girl was 16 years old.

This and other sex trafficking stings are funded by grants from the Minnesota Women’s Foundation and the Office of Justice Programs.