A 44-year-old man sentenced on Tuesday to a year in the Watonwan County jail, which was deferred by the judge if he stayed out of trouble, for refusing to take an alcohol breath test was arrested the very next day on the same charge in Mankato.

Mankato Police say an off-duty officer spotted Kai White looking “out of it” in a running car in a parking lot on Madison Avenue, and also saw White driving the vehicle.

When on-duty staff arrived they say White refused to take a field sobriety test and turned around with his hands behind his back to be cuffed.

The criminal complaint shows an officer found four bottles of whiskey on the passenger floorboard — three empty and one about half full.

Court documents show White has five previous DWIs and four disruptive intoxication convictions in the last four years. He was taken to detox due to his high level of intoxication.