A couple from Northfield is facing domestic assault charges after an altercation at a Mankato hotel.

When Mankato Police arrived, they say 37-year-old Tyler Stime was in the lobby, wearing only a shirt, socks, and underpants. He told investigators that he and his girlfriend of a-year-and-a-half came to town for the Craft Beer Expo, and 22-year-old Victoria Davis decided to go to a local bar for amateur night while he opted to go to bed.

When she returned to the hotel, Stime says Davis began attacking him, including slaps to the face. He said he was defending himself from the attack when they fell and he landed on top of Davis. She suffered a broken tooth.

Davis told police that Stime had been at the bar with her, but left after an argument, and that the two continued to quarrel via text after he went back to the hotel. She admitted that she tried to push her way into the room when she returned but claimed Stime pushed her back and she punched him in the face in retaliation. That’s when both fell to the ground and her tooth was broken.

Davis is facing two preliminary counts of domestic assault, and Stime one felony assault charge and two misdemeanor counts of domestic assault.