A 19-year-old Mankato woman is facing a long list of charges after a Sunday traffic stop.

The Mankato Department of Public Safety says an officer spotted a car speeding down the Fourth Street hill on a snow covered and slippery road, and slide through the stop sign while turning onto Warren Street.

The criminal complaint shows that Ana Fox told investigators that she hadn’t been drinking and that she was trying to “drift” – or intentionally skid through the intersection.

Police say Fox’s eyes were blood shot and watery, her speech was slurred, and she was swaying…and that just at the moment that Fox claimed to be a “Sober cab” driver she stumbled into the side of her car.

The report shows she resisted arrest, blew a .13 on a breath test, and a half finished bag of wine and marijuana wax were found in her purse.

Fox is facing preliminary charges of drug possession, two drunk driving charges, obstructing the legal process, reckless driving, underage possession, underage drinking, having an open bottle of alcohol.