The roadside assistance company owner charged late last month with defrauding a customer is now accused of stolen valor.

Riggs Roadside Assistance owner Rodrigo Bowman is accused of impersonating a military veteran last July, and attempting to get veterans benefits.

Investigators say the 33-year-old claimed to have served two or three combat tours in Iraq, and was wearing a U.S. Marine Corps ring when he met with veterans services officials. They add that Bowman boasted of being involved secret, dark ops missions during his service as a Marine.

Bowman completed an application for assistance from the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans, but used the name “Rodrigo Ayala on the form, claiming he had changed his name and that was probably the one he enlisted under. Officials say the last name would not matter because the Marine Corps Records conducts searches using the Social Security number.

The charge of impersonating a veteran is a misdemeanor.