“We’re proud to call it home and we hope you feel the same.”

Mankato Mayor Eric Anderson.

The City of Mankato is celebrating its 150th year, and Mayor Eric Anderson said elected officials and city staff over that time have worked hard to improve city services and quality of life for the now 41,000 people that call the community home. “We’re just handed a ball of yarn and we’re asked to kind of roll it, keep moving it, make it a little bigger make it a little stronger,” he said, “And then pass this on.”

Passing on a great future for the area’s young people, Anderson said, is an important goal – and one that could not be reached if it weren’t for partnerships like those they’ve formed with Minnesota State University – Mankato, the Mankato Regional Airport, and others.

Mayor Anderson shared a very thin copy of the city’s 1911 charter.

“There are things that make you proud when you serve in a position of elected office, when you see the good folks that do this, see the partnerships the city has forged,” Anderson said, “I think they are getting stronger. I am very confident that you will see our area be really one of the better examples, perhaps – certainly in the Upper Midwest – of the value of strong partnerships.”

City officials unveiled a new bus wrap that celebrates 150 years of partnerships, which features MSU athletes, airport officials, and the public safety department.

The first claim was staked in Mankato in 1852; it was incorporated as a village in 1858, and became a city in 1868.