The Mankato City Council has approved spending for emergency repairs to the flood control system, which will include raising a section of Highway 169 near Highway 14.

Mankato City Manager, Pat Hentges.

City Manager Pat Hentges said there is some good news because, “We’ve come down in terms of the overall scope or estimate for the project to about $2,857,000.”

The city will be required to pay 58 percent of the total cost, with the state picking up the rest and Hentges said that adds up to, “A local share of $1.6 million, or almost $1,660,000.”

A temporary earthen levee was built across Highway 169 during previous flooding, but FEMA has said that would no longer be acceptable. The agency is issuing new flood maps and they would show nearby neighborhoods as vulnerable to flooding if a permanent fix isn’t made, and those in that area may have had to buy flood insurance.

Hentges said with the approval of the work that’s no longer a concern and the project will be completed, “Ahead of the deadline that FEMA begins the publication, digitizing the maps, which is August 2019.”

Much of the impacted property is in North Mankato but the levy is in Mankato – and North Mankato hasn’t committed to funding for the project.