Mankato City Council voted not to take action on a possible expansion to the Eide Bailly parking ramp.

Community Development Director Paul Vogel said there is no immediate need for additional parking, and the city’s existing ramps not only are adequate for current needs but additional parking can be added in the future.

“Looking at the possibilities of expansion of the existing ramps, technically they can all be examined for some type of expansion,” he said, but added, “There’s always nuances with all of them.”

Even for larger events, like the upcoming Ribfest, Vogel said there hasn’t been a problem with finding parking downtown because, “There is quite a reliance on on-street parking and, to tell you the truth, we have not received very many complaints about finding parking for evening events.”

The developer suggested putting oversize footings under the structure so it could be expanded in the future, at a cost of up to $135,000, and suggested that the city may help fund it because the city has the option to purchase the ramp after 25 years.

The ramp is part of the $23 million Eide Bailly Plaza that is being built on Second Street downtown. Parking there will be open to the public on evenings and weekends.