The official date is still two months out, but the director of the Mankato Department of Public Safety is urging neighborhoods to start thinking about Night to Unite on August 28th.

DPS Director Todd Miller said, “Night to Unite is a crime prevention opportunity for the community, but it’s also an opportunity for citizens to get to know city staff, police, fire, public works, other city staff also participates. It’s an opportunity to get to know your neighbors.”

That’s a particularly important part of the annual, nationwide event because Miller said, “When you know your neighbors then you know what is suspicious in your neighborhood. You get to know them, you know they’re gone, you know they drive a certain type of vehicle. So if something is suspicious you can report it.”

Mankato Department of Public Safety Director Todd Miller.

Most communities recognize Night to Unite on the first Tuesday in August, but Miller explained that the city opted to do it late in the month when college students are back in town because, “We want them to participate. We want them to be part of the community, to be a part of the neighborhoods they live in and this gives them an opportunity to participate.”

They’re asking neighborhoods and organizations planning to host a block party, cookout, or other gathering that night to register the event through the city’s website.