Mankato’s annual deer hunt is undergoing some policy changes to expand and clarify rules.

City Manager Pat Hentges says constituents brought issues to the council and it became evident that some practices needed to be clearer.

Totals of deer taken during the annual hunt in Mankato.

“We tried to gather as much input to really address some of the concerns about, you know, having deer stands adjacent to a property owner that did not want to have a deer stand in their vicinity, because knowingly if a deer is shot, it will move some distance.”

The city hunt began in 2003 in response to accidents involving deer and damage to residential property. Being an archery only hunt, 26 deer were taken the first year and the numbers have steadily climbed to the mid to upper 30’s, with 37 deer taken in 2017.

“Of course we focus on doe’s first, then you can shoot bucks. So it’s usually ten to one, probably in the amounts to bucks to doe ratios, or eight to one anyway.”

Hunting was limited to Rasmussen Woods when the hunt started, but has since expanded to a number of area ravens.

Revised rules include hunters must be licensed, archers must obtain written permission to hunt on private property and field dressing is not allowed.

“So, the council has adopted these new rules, they’re in place, they apply to this coming hunt. We will go into the qualifying of the hunters, which will be kind of a regular group of very committed bow hunters,” added Hentges.”

The last deer hear count was in 2007, while a count was planned for last year, the count was not conducted due to logistical problems. City Officials say a count is scheduled for this winter.