A Mankato Democrat continues to push for changes to the states gun laws, weeks after several such bills were tabled in committee and a day after students from across the Mankato area and the nation held demonstrations against gun violence in schools.

Mankato D.F.L. State Representative Jack Considine.

DFL Representative Jack Considine spoke with Republican Brian Johnson concerning his bill, which would close a loophole in Minnesota’s ban on ‘bump stocks.’

“I saw the chair of the public safety committee and said, ‘Hey, how about a hearing on bump stocks?’ Again, something that should be, across the board, one of the easiest things to say yes to given the NRA’s position of, “Yeah, lets study that.’ The president’s position that they should be banned,” Considine said, “I got, ‘We’ll see, maybe.'”

When pressed for a reason behind the decision to keep the bill from coming up for a vote, he said Johnson responded, “Oh, they’re going to take care of that on the national level,” to which Considine replied, “We can’t count on that, Brian; I don’t believe they will.”

Bump stocks and similar trigger activators increase a gun’s rate of fire to that similar to an automatic weapon and, “Takes a legitimate Second Amendment weapon and makes it illegal,” he explained, “And I’m still getting no cooperation on that.”

The gray area in the current legislation means that Minnesotans can go online and purchase them on the websites of sporting goods stores and other retailers.