A Mankato Democrat is asking his constituents to use their own words to tell him why they are against bills before the legislature, rather than using cut-and-paste templates promoted by organizations with an agenda.

Mankato D.F.L. State Representative Jack Considine.

“I get seven, eight of these same letters that are these cut and paste, and sometimes they have some of the most ridiculous assertions in them ‘If you support this bill, it’s going to lead to mass, violent massacres,'” said DFL Representative Jack Considine.

Considine is referring to the Minnesota Gun Owner’s Caucus and opposition to a bill authored by State Representative Linda Slocum, which, among other things, would ban “assault weapons”, bump stocks, and large capacity magazines, as well as make suppressors illegal again.

Considine said he doesn’t support it because, “It is, in my opinion, a bill that is not ready to go. I don’t like the way it’s written.”

It also includes a two-day waiting period on all firearm transactions, requires registration of all firearms, and allows gun owners to only purchase ammunition in person from a licensed dealer.

The bill would ban all private sales or transfers, and also prohibit people behind on child support payments from owning guns.