Mankato Area Public Schools are preparing for the start of the new school year next week with plenty of new faces around the District.

This week all teachers are participating in workshops and preparing for the school year, which begins on Tuesday for 9 through 12 grades and the first full district day is on Thursday, September 6.

Superintendent Sheri Allen says across the district they have 48 new teachers this year.

ISD 77 Superintendent, Sheri Allen.

“You know, retirements, additions, people moving into other jobs when they’re open. But we have a total of 115 new staff. So when you think about all of our staff that are working through our departments, you know, custodial, maintenance, so on, they’re working constantly too. Our paraprofessionals, our nursing staff, it goes on and on with food service.”

The Mankato School District employs just under 13-hundred full-time staff, with around 700 part-time employees.

Preliminary numbers show enrollment will be up 1.5 to 2-percent this school year.

“So we’re looking between that 80 to 85 student growth for this year. So if that happens, we’re just over 8,400, it’ll push us over that 8,500 mark.”

Allen adds that the facilities are ready for the school year after a number of maintenance projects were finished around the District this summer.

“Locker painting, we did that at Franklin, Dakota Meadows and Hoover. We sanded and repainted the gym floor at West. New classroom and cafeteria flooring at multiple sites. Installed dehumidification and HVAC systems. We relocated the office at Monroe, so line of sight, we’re constantly updating security. New roof at the Annex at West. Blacktopping projects, really big at Dakota Meadows and East.”

The School District will hold an all-staff welcome on Thursday at West High School. All school buildings and offices will be closed from 7:45 a.m. until Noon.