Mankato’s fire chief is asking people to make sure the fire hydrants are accessible in case of emergency, after the recent snowfall.

Mankato Department of Public Safety Deputy Director Jeff Bengtson requests that people who are shoveling their walks and driveways to clear around the nearest hydrant as well because, “It’s critical that we’ve got quick access to them, obviously, in an emergency.”

More than a few minutes of public service, he said homeowners are also protecting themselves by making sure firefighters have access to water at the closest hydrant, “Because that’s the one that we are going to be using for your home or business.”

With more snow in the forecast mid-week, Bengtson is also asking people to keep an eye on those hydrants moving forward because, “If we get more snowfall, the plows come around and keep pushing snow up and that’s usually our problem areas is right at the curb.”