With a more than $300 million budget surplus in Minnesota, a Mankato DFL lawmaker is calling on colleagues from both sides of the aisle to approve as many public works projects as possible.

Mankato D.F.L. State Representative Jack Considine.

“We’re still at historical lows for interest rates and…the construction costs are going to go up, the borrowing rates are going to go up,” Representative Jack Considine explained.

Considine added that when the legislature failed to pass a bonding bill at all in 2016, he asked the Commissioner of Administration about a year later what the price difference was for the same projects and, “His answer was $60 million. That was the difference in one year between construction costs and a slight increase in the interest.”

He added that the repairs to public buildings and properties tend to get pricier the longer those repairs are pushed off. Considine compared it to a homeowner keeping up their property and said, “If you don’t fix a hole in your roof it gets a little bigger.”