A Mankato DFL lawmaker is concerned that there are just six weeks left in the legislative session, yet not much progress appears to have been made on a public works bonding bill for infrastructure projects statewide.

Mankato D.F.L. State Representative Jack Considine.

A special session was necessary to pass bonding legislation in 2017, after Minnesota lawmakers failed to pass a public works proposal in 2016, and Representative Jack Considine said even that legislation wasn’t introduced until the 11th hour. “I am certainly hoping that we will see the bonding bill before a half-hour before the end of the session,” he said. “It would be nice that my constituents would be able to take a look at it and weigh in and give me feedback.”

Considine believes that the chair of the House Capital Investment Committee, Republican Representative Dean Urdahl, likely feels the same, and added, “I’ve actually gotten to appreciate that guy. He has been one of the few chairs to show some backbone and has been pretty consistently straight up. I guess I’m not supposed to be saying nice things about Republicans, but this guy has been doing his best to be fair and be straightforward with us.”

Considine is hopeful that the continued work on the Clinical Sciences Building project at Minnesota State University Mankato will be funded, as well as the pavilion in Minnesota Square Park in St. Peter, roof repairs at both MSU and South Central College, and possibly the City of Mankato’s water quality initiative.