Mankato Police say a Mankato man is facing charges after a disagreement with a neighbor early Wednesday morning.

Commander Dan Schisel said 24-year-old Austin Jellison forced his way into his neighbor’s home. “There was an individual that was leaving the apartment. When he went outside the door he was confronted by another male so he turned around and went back into the apartment,” he explained, “The male then entered the apartment without permission and started causing fear and threatening the males that were inside that apartment.”

It’s not completely clear what started the disagreement, but Jellison did tell police that the group was making a lot of noise for 2:30 a.m. Schisel said, “He did just indicate that the males were loud, but I don’t know if that precipitated the confrontation or not.”

Schisel says Jellison threatened to assault the men and, “He is charged with first-degree burglary and fifth-degree assault causing fear.”

If Jellison is found guilty of burglary in the first degree he could be sentenced to 20 years in prison and pay fines up to $35,000.