A 21-year-old Mankato man is accused of pushing his way into his ex-girlfriend’s home on Sunday and assaulting a man in her bedroom. Mankato Police say Christian Sadaka pushed past the woman’s roommate, who was taking her dog out, to get into the home and ran up the stairs to his ex’s room.

The woman said Sadaka had tried to call her earlier but she didn’t answer the phone. The criminal complaint shows she and the victim were in bed asleep when he came into the bedroom and punched the other man several times in the face. Investigators also say Sadaka used his cellphone to record video of the couple and posted it to several social media sites.

In an interview, police say Sadaka admitted to entering the home without permission but claimed he punched the other man in self-defense. Officers say he conceded that he “perhaps” had the ability to leave the bedroom without physical confrontation.

Preliminary charges include two felony burglary charges and two misdemeanor assault counts.