A 30-year-old Mankato man is charged with eight rape-related counts, after police say he talked a 19-year-old high school senior with a learning disability into coming to his house to babysit his 5-year-old child – but assaulted her instead.

Mankato Police say the teen was on a tire swing at Washington Park when Keithan Terrell lured her to his apartment.

The criminal complaint shows that the victim required stitches to her genitals after the assault, and that there were also minor injuries to her breasts.

When detectives questioned Terrell, he said the victim initially said no and that she was a virgin waiting for marriage – and when he was asked if the girl was bleeding, Terrell fainted and fell to the floor.

Court records show Terrell was on probation at the time of the assault for Gross Misdemeanor Interference with a 911 Call and Domestic Assault.