A 39-year-old Mankato man is facing preliminary charges that include stalking with intent to injure, three assault counts, and interfering with a police officer after a strange incident that included threats and mayonnaise.

Mankato Police say Floyd Floyd was arrested early Wednesday morning after trying to start a fight with someone that lives in his apartment complex, including threats to kill him.

When police arrived they found “a substantial amount” of mayonnaise smeared on the carpet outside the victim’s apartment door. The victim told officers that Floyd had been angry with him for making too much noise when he arrives home from work at 3:00 a.m.

When they confronted Floyd, the criminal complaint shows that he began cursing at the officers. They were able to get him in handcuffs after a short struggle.

Police later learned from Floyd’s live-in girlfriend of ten years that the couple argued that night and that he pulled her hair during the disagreement. She also said Floyd had been sober for a period of time but had a lot to drink that night.