A 52-tear-old Mankato man is facing preliminary charges of making threats of violence, a stalking felony based on bias, and gross misdemeanor stalking with the intent to injure, after the Mankato Department of Public Safety says he called African-American Officer Jacob Price the “N” word several times, threatened that the Sons of Silence motorcycle club would assault the officer, and also his wife and children.

Officer Price was sent to a hotel in Mankato after a report that Robert Brown was banging on the locked front door before lying down in front of it.

Brown admitted to having several drinks at a nearby bar and a portable breath test registered .211. Police made arrangements to take him to detox in New Ulm because of his high level of intoxication, but on the ride to the public safety center investigators say he grew increasingly agitated and made threats and racial slurs targeting Officer Price – which were recorded on the squad video camera.