A Mankato man is facing a lengthy list of charges after a woman texted dispatchers for help after she says the father of her child tried to strangle her.

The criminal complaint shows that 40-year-old Justin Armendariz was arguing with the woman over an injury to their 3-year-old son, who had slipped in a store and broken his leg, and he admitted to becoming angry when she walked away during the disagreement.

The victim says Armendariz leaned over the injured child and hit her in the head, and later picked her up off her feet by her throat.

He denied choking or striking her, but Mankato Police say there were red marks around the woman’s neck and she was out of breath when they arrived at the home on Ahlstrom Road.

Armendariz is charged with making threats of violence, felony domestic assault by strangulation, child endangerment that could cause harm or death, and two misdemeanor domestic assault counts.

Text-to-911 services began in Minnesota in December. To use the service, type 911 in the number field and then type the nature of the emergency and a location in the body of the text message.