A 21-year-old Mankato man is facing two misdemeanor assault charges and one count of disorderly conduct, after Mankato Police were called to a fight on Cottage Path.

When they arrived, officers say a large group was standing outside. A man with a bloody nose told police that he was defending a female that was hit and was then jumped by a group of men. Another woman said she was pushed to the ground by the men, and a third person told investigators that they bloodied her lip and bruised her face.

Two SnapChat videos appear to show Qualid Jama punching and kicking the man on the ground.

DPS officials say that when the incident took place Jama was on probation for driving after his license was revoked, underage drinking, and obstructing police.

A search of court records shows he also has a pending criminal case in Blue Earth County for drug sale and possession and car theft.