A 23-year-old Mankato man is facing felony drug sale and possession charges after the Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force was called to help Mankato Police with what began as a weapons investigation.

A New Ulm man was jailed in March after the Mankato Department of Public Safety says he fired a gun during a drug-related assault and robbery. During the course of that investigation, the criminal complaint shows that law enforcement noted the apartment had an “overwhelming odor” of marijuana emanating throughout it.

A search warrant was executed and a total of 6.6 grams of a white powdery substance, a digital scale, marijuana pipes, and drug paraphernalia were found. The white powder and the scale field tested positive for cocaine.

One of the roommates that lives in the apartment, Djavlon Djamilov, admitted that he was attempting to sell the cocaine to the suspected gunman, Christian Mayhew-Ykema, and instead of handing over $400 Djamilov says Mayhew-Ykema pulled out the gun.

Djamilov told investigators that he was just trying to pay for school and rent and he knows it was a stupid life choice.