A 31-year-old Mankato man is facing a long list of felony charges after a brawl broke out last Thursday at a parking lot on Balcerzak Drive.

Mankato Police say they were called to a disturbance in the early afternoon, and while they were breaking up a fight among three men a woman told them that a man in an apartment had a gun, had threatened to kill people, and had pointed the weapon at others.

The Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force got a search warrant for Ramone William’s apartment, and found two handguns, loaded with rounds chambered, as well as an AR-15 replica weapon. The criminal complaint shows that William’s six-year-old child was in the apartment.

Investigators say Williams later admitted to “racking” the handgun to threaten people who came to his apartment door.

DPS officers say marijuana and other drug items were also found in the home.

Preliminary charges include two counts of being a convicted violent felon in possession of a gun, two similar ammunition possession charges, two felony counts of making threats of violence, and a felony assault charge, as well as a gross misdemeanor of endangering a child by firearm access.