A Mankato man is suspected of being connected to the drugs that led to three overdoses in Northfield.

Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force Commander Jeff Wersal says agents with the Cannon River Drug Task Force contacted them about a possible connection between Joshua Chlan and a suspect they arrested following the overdoses in the last weekend of February. All three victims were saved by the administration of Narcan.

The cause of the overdoses blue pills that were found to contain a mixture of carfentanil and cocaine, and Wersal says carfentanil is an extremely dangerous opioid, which is 10,000 times stronger than morphine. Investigators say the pills were made to look like Oxycodone.

A search of Chlan’s home on Cottage Path in Mankato turned up several such pills, and the BCA will test them to determine if they contain carfentanil.

Wersal says there have not been any reported opioid overdoses in Mankato.

Chlan is charged with drug sales and possession.