A candidate in the Mankato mayoral race has announced that she is dropping out because of to health issues.

“It’s probably the most difficult decision I’ve ever made because I love Mankato, I love the direction it’s going with the art walk downtown and the beautiful landscape and the growth. I would just like to see that continue,” said Shari Kagermeier.

She was recently diagnosed with stage four thyroid cancer and Kagermeier said her last chemotherapy dose hit her harder than previous treatments. “Cancer just sneaks up on you. It really is the silent killer,” she explained, “It was devastating to hear I had cancer because I’ve always had perfect health. I’m very stubborn, I feel I’ve been strong and I can continue to be strong but some days this can really, really hit you hard.”

Kagermeier added that not knowing what her future holds considering the diagnosis with the aggressive disease she plans to live life to the fullest and focus her time on family. She said, “There are some art boards some friends have been suggesting to me; I might try that. I love to travel so I might squeeze in a few trips.”

She is confident in the leadership of the city moving forward and said, “You have five very good candidates to choose from so with me pulling out of the race I don’t feel like I need to worry that Mankato is in good hands.”

Still in the race for Mayor of Mankato are Honey Burg, Bukata Hayes, Toby Leonard, Najwa Massad and Nick Tracy.