A website that provides financial insights that include narrowing down the best credit cards based on lifestyle has named the Mankato-North Mankato area number one spot in the nation for getting “the most bang for your paycheck.”

Analysts looked at data that included average hours worked per week, wages, and weekly earnings to determine the cities that have the best-compensated workers working relatively shorter workweeks.

The greater Mankato-North Mankato metropolitan area took first place for having the third-shortest average workweeks in the country, clocking in at an average of 29 hours. The report also shows that average wages in the area are also substantially above the national average – at $26.35 an hour –and states that it is possible to live at a decidedly more leisurely pace in Mankato compared to other areas.

Corvallis, Oregon was number two, and Chico, California came in third. Barnstable, Massachusetts and Eau Claire, Wisconsin round out the top five.