The Mankato Department of Public Safety is investigating a robbery and assault that happened Friday night.

Mankato Department of Public Safety Commander Dan Schisel.

Commander Dan Schisel said the victim got in touch with police Saturday morning, “Reporting that about midnight he had been robbed in the 600-block of Timberwolf Drive.”

The victim told investigators that he was standing next to a vehicle when three men walked up and accused him of taking something from the car and Schisel said, “The victim indicated that he had done nothing. At some point, one of the males punched him in the back of the head.”

The victim said he was knocked to the ground and the men ran off with his wallet and cell phone and Schisel said, “He reported the suspects as being two skinny black males in their 20s and a third male caucasian wearing a white t-shirt and jeans and hair just below the ears or down to his neck area.”

Schisel added, “I would just encourage anybody, if this happens, to report it immediately so we can get to the area and continue to check for suspects immediately after the incident.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Mankato Police.